Why you Loved Me, a Book full of Romance written by a Noted Author

If reading books is your favourite pastime, you should read novels of different kinds and authors. Novels based on romantic subjects like the novel Why You Loved Me? of Dr. Saket Sourav will not only give you a good experience but also induce you to read these kinds of novels again and again. The best romance book authors develop a story on interesting backgrounds that are quite captivating. As a reader, you would find a good romance book readable and referable. Over the centuries, big names in this domain are writing great romantic stories that are equally popular among the world of book lovers across the globe irrespective of their culture, tradition, religion, or economic background. It to articulate that the book of Dr.Saket Sourav is also going to be popular among avid followers of new novels.

Dr. Saket Sourav writes in people’s language

Dr. Saket Sourav is not only a successful orthopaedic surgeon but also a good writer. He has a natural ability to articulate any story in simple but in very interesting way. He is an experienced human being who has tested multiple ups and downs of life. Naturally, when he builds a character, he wants to put all human characteristics in it. It is expected his forthcoming book Why You Loved Me? which will be published by Notion Publication in May 2020 will be one of the bestsellers of all time in its domain. Before that readers will get another masterpiece from this writer that will be an autobiography of the doctor.

In this romantic novel, the writer has nicely embedded the main characters including the protagonist of the story with a contemporary social background. As such, the writer’s aim here is not just restricted in narrating a romantic story but also letting readers know some vital aspects of contemporary society.

Dr. Saket Sourav is a very down-to-earth person. He is a busy doctor but keeps a strong rapport with his patients with different economic and social backgrounds. Naturally, he gets inspiration for writing stories from real-life characters.

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