“Why Love Is Full Of Tears”, Now Available in The International Book Fair

Notion Press has published Dr. Saket Sourav’s much-awaited romantic novel “Why Love is Full of Tears”. The publisher predicts that this novel is going to be one of the highest-selling fiction romance books in the International Book Fair, New Delhi that is taking place from 4th January 2020 to 12th January 2020. “Why Love is full of Tears” is a romantic novel but readers will find a different aspect of romance that they have never read in any other novel before.

Different Shades of Relationships

People fall in love which is quite natural but for outsiders, it is never possible to comprehend the ups and downs of the relationships that two persons in relationship experience. The author has seen many shades in a relationship especially tears of joy and extreme happiness for getting the loved one close and tears of sadness for separating from the loved one. The protagonist of the novel has experienced both shades of relationship and in each situation, it was as if the time has stopped and the world comprises of only his beloved. “Why Love is Full of Tears” is worth reading as it is not a mere love story but a perfect characterization of an individual in a relationship. The protagonist of the novel is like a normal person with all normal needs and demands in life who feels joy in the presence of his beloved and become melancholic when she is no more in his life.

Dr. Saket Sourav writes like a seasoned writer. His novel is now selling along with several other fiction romance books in the International Book Fair in New Delhi taking place from 4th January 2020 to 12th January 2020. His book is expected to sell like a hot cake in the fair this year.

Visit hall no. 11 at the International Book Fair

The much-awaited book of Dr. Saket Sourav is available at hall no. 11 and stalls no 327 to 332 of the International Book Fair taking place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Buyers are getting a 10% discount on MRP if the novel is purchased from the International Book Fair.

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