“WHY Love Is Full Of Tears?” Is All Set To Publish On This New Year

Dr. Saket Sourav is now a known face in the literary world. People, who follow the new writers or love to read the novel wants to know what’s the writing next? His autobiography is already getting huge reader attention from different parts of the country even overseas. The Life of this esteemed orthopedic surgeon was never smooth sailing in childhood and adolescents. His autobiography is an inspiration of millions of Indians especially the present generation of Indians. His next book a romantic novel “Why Love is Full of Tears?” is all set to publish on 1st January 2020. So, on the very first day New Year, book lovers of India and avid followers of Dr. Saket Sourav will get a splendid New Year gift from this much-acclaimed author and a successful orthopedic surgeon.

“Why Love is Full of Tears?” – A Story of different Shades of Relationships

Young individuals often fall in love. During adolescence, individuals experience many shades in their romantic relationships. Sometimes they pass through a tough time and sometimes the relationship gives a world of joy and happiness. According to the author, in each situation, individuals feel they are in a different world. In those situations, their emotional life takes multiple dimensions. So, tears fall to those who really feel their beloved are a truly important part of their lives. When the beloved is away or for some reason whatsoever or the relationship ends, tears fall. Again, in the presence of that special person in life develops an unexplainable joy when also tears fall. So, tears don’t mean the person is lonely or the loved one of his life has deserted him. Tears also mean the loved one is very much in his life.

The author has narrated these different incidents and circumstances of life in his own way. The main character of this novel Soumya experiences these different situations that induce him to pass through different phases of the relationship. The novel, “Why Love is Full of Tears?” is indeed a story romanticism where the author has represented a romantic relationship from a different angle. While reading this book, readers will feel they are reading a different novel where the characters have been very much earthly characters and the story is very much relevant in current times.

Readers are booking in advance

Dr. Saket Sourav means something different and the finest possible narration of a story in some clearly articulated background. That is why readers are looking forward to the publication day of this novel. Many are planning to gift the book to their near and dear ones. 1st January 2020.

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