“Why Love is Full of Tears?”, a book Written by Dr. Saket Sourav will make you Value Relationships

At last the most awaited book of Dr. Saket Sourav, “Why Love is Full of Tears?” is out for launch. Book lovers, especially romantic book readers will be able to add another masterpiece in their collection. The book was launched at Kochi International Book Festival on 29th November 2019.

A romantic book that explains the true meaning of “tears” in a relationship

The book is based on teenage love that is quite common in our society but in this novel of Dr. Saurav, love is depicted in different shades. The author has given the main characters a tremendous amount of emotions, which he thinks is quite normal in true love. The protagonists in this novel experience the tears of love in both situations that is when she is close to him out of sheer ecstasy and out of extreme sadness when she is not there. While narrating the story, the author has nicely designed and developed two main characters of the story and written about various ups and downs in their relationship.

The novel also depict how time and situation changes a person and how strong feelings for someone can make a person sad and happy. This is the novel where “tear” has got a different dimension in love, which perhaps no other romantic author has ever discovered. The author of “Why Love is Full of Tears?” has indeed discovered a different and untold dimension in a relationship.

Readers will read the book again and again

Teenage love is quite natural but feelings of soul mates at teenage are seldom expressed. It is really tough to understand teenage love. But, the author of “Why Love is Full of Tear?” has done that job very aptly. Though, it is a smooth sailing description but the characters have got life. Readers will be able to resemble these characters from many known faces surrounding them. The author has a stronghold on the language and exceptional acumen in understanding common people’s characters. It is due to this ability of the author that the novel is going to obtain fame and popularity.

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