What Makes Dr. Saket Sourav among the Best Book Authors in India

Dr. Saket Sourav, an orthopedic surgeon as well as an author has emerged as the best book authors in India due to his amazing writing skills. He is known for his excellence in his medicine field and is also trying his hand in writing due to his immense writing passion through which he wants to inspire teenagers to achieve their goal in life. His life had been an eventful epic of perseverance, struggle, victory, and fortitude. Sourav was born and brought up into a family where it was tough to arrange for even one-time meal. However, this kind of suffering could no way deter Dr. Sourav and he worked really hard to outdo in studies and accomplished success in his professional endeavors.

The upcoming books of Dr. Saurav Saket

One of the best book authors in India, Dr. Saket Sourav will launch the following books:

  • I, a Journey of emotions and desires – This book written by Saket Sourav narrates his story. It is about his journey beginning from humble beginnings to becoming an established surgeon. This will inspires a teenager to fulfill his ambitions and to respect a girl when she comes in his life. The book will be released in 1st November 2019. Read here
  • Why I loved–This book is expected to release in August, 2020 and it also narrates the story of love and compassion. Read here
  • Why Love is full of tears – In this story written by Dr. Saket Sourav, readers can experience a massive amount of emotions that develop when a person feels special related to his teenage. Again, this special feeling flows non-stop in the form of tears that comprise both shades of emotional states. Read here
  • Yes, I Missed You – This book too has been not released in the market yet and is likely to get released in May, 2020. Read here
  • Why you Loved Me – This book does narrate the feelings that people go through when they are liked with massive emotions. This is also an emotional play where the love of the girl turns the boy into a polite person from an impolite one. Read here

Dr. Sourav is just 36 years old and is hugely popular as an orthopedic surgeon and is regarded among the best book authors in India. The most important thing that keeps him going is his ceaseless dedication is to live life to its fullest extent every second that has also help him overcome all the hurdles. He has become successful in earning fame and name that he truly deserves.

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