Read The Books “I A Journey Of Emotions And Desires” Written by Inspiring Author Dr. Saket Sourav

Autobiography of Dr. Saket Sourav – “I… A Journey of emotions and desires” is a tale of inspiration for millions of people who have lost hope, who could not face the realities, and whose life is filled with desperation and failure. Life gives us challenges. Those challenges come in different hurdles and strictures. Inspiring authors and books teach us to be firm and nonchalant even in times of turbulence and criticism. The inspiring and extremely popular autobiography book of Dr. Saket Sourav will be published in the London Book Fair 2020. This means, not just Indian readers but also readers of the UK and Europe will now get the opportunity to read this modern-age writer’s inspiring autobiography.

Challenges keep us going

This is what Dr. Saket Sourav teaches us through his autobiography. The author had experienced many ups and downs in life but nothing could keep him away from his destination. To this author, life is like a batting pitch in a cricket match where one has to face different balls but people who leave the pitch without facing those balls are defeated. From early childhood, the author witnesses the struggle of his parents. There was a severe scarcity of money, luxury was a distant dream for the family. In spite of all odds and adversities, he never gets distracted from his aims. This is why he is today a highly successful orthopaedic surgeon and the author of bestsellers.

The Books will Keep you Intrigued and Nothing will be able to Distract You

The life of Dr. Saket Sourav has inspired millions of readers to develop an aim in life and change attitude towards society, failures, and success. This autobiography is a candid narration of how to perceive the challenges and change attitudes towards life.

Now, when his autobiography “I..A Journey of emotions and desires” will be published from the world-famous London Book Fair, readers from other cultures and countries will be able to collect this engaging autobiography. London Book Fair will take place from 9th March to 15th March 2020. Thousands of book lovers from the UK and other countries of Europe will throng in this internationally acclaimed book fair. This book fair will be a rare opportunity for book lovers to get to know the inspiring authors and books like Dr. Saket Sourav.

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