Read Autobiography and Novels of a Successful Orthopedic Surgeon

India has produced a great many world-famous authors and best sellers. From very ancient times India is considered the major literature hub of the world. Some of the best romance book authors that book lovers still remember or love to read are from India. The books that Dr. Saket Saurav is going to publish will be another addition to Indian pride as one of the most familiar literature hub of the world. Dr. Saket Saurav is all set to publish his autobiography which is expected to catch attention of millions of regular readers in India and abroad.

Best Romance Book Authors

An autobiography worth reading
I…A Journey of Emotions and Desires” authored by Dr. Saket Saurav is an untold story of an indomitable and fearless life. The author is a respected and popular orthopaedic surgeon residing in Bokaro. His childhood was not like other normal children or students. He had experienced all sorts of adversities in his childhood that were enough to spoil his studies or through him in complete darkness. He had witnessed the poverty and desperation of his parents. But Dr. Saket Saurav was a born struggler who was determined to stand strong amidst all hardships. He accepted the challenges wholeheartedly and came out as the ultimate winner.

A Journey of Emotions & Desires

His autobiography is a narrative of all those struggles and struggling days that made him more determined and a person with an iron-strong will. His autobiography will inspire every reader and induce them to look at the world from another angle. His autobiography is not just a mere book but a guide for achieving excellence in life.

Author of romantic books
Dr. Saket Saurav has already written four romantic books. Like several popular best romance book authors, it is expected that all his novels will touch the heart of his readers. These novels are not just mere romantic stories but a reflection of our society and social relationships. The author has a unique characteristic of describing every event in minute details which will surely keep the readers captivated and will create a real-life experience.

The books of Dr. Saket Saurav will be available both online and off-line. So, you can enjoy reading a great autobiography and romantic novels of a successful doctor who has experienced diverse ups and downs of life.

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