Get an Insight of an Inspiring Life of the Best Author and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Authors have a unique capability of connecting with the readers through their words. Books of good writers are sold in thousands and sometimes millions. Readers like to read and re-read a good book because it gives them immense pleasure or touches their hearts. People around the world read the books of the best inspiring authors over and again for getting motivation or inspiration. It is a common occurrence that book collectors and avid readers always keep updated knowledge regarding the latest inspirational books and good novels in the market. The inspirational autobiography of Dr. Saket Sourav, “I….A Journey of Emotions and Desires” that is all set to publish soon is expected to be one of the bestsellers and popular autobiographies of this decade.

Go through an Inspiring and True Story of a Successful Doctor

Non-fiction readers are eagerly waiting for Dr. Saket Sourav’s autobiography because they want to know how a simple and poor child becomes a successful doctor.  It is expected that the book will depict how the struggle, perseverance, and hard work makes a man successful. The life of this successful doctor and now a strong author was never easy in his childhood. There were poverty and apatite in the family but right from his childhood he learned one thing, “Never give up”. This kept the doctor and his parents moving. He wanted to be academically successful and he did.

A collectible book

Dr. Saket Sourav is a successful orthopaedic surgeon. His life is a true story of ‘rag to riches”. When he decided to pen his struggle and success, his close acquaintances knew that it was going to be a popular autobiography in every sense. His success has not come overnight. There was a struggle for existence every day and every moment. Continuing with school and studies defying all hazards and hurdles of life was not easy. People who know him closely are confident that he will be a successful author as well. His writing style is unique and highly engaging. He knows how to create a moment and environment with words. Needless to say, readers will be very inspired reading his autobiography.

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