Follow the Best Book of Noted Author In India for Interesting and Engaging Reading

Book reading is a good habit. Though the internet has changed the way people read, there are millions of people in the country and abroad who still love to read a lot. They follow good and popular writers, they know who is the best book author in India right now, and whose books are trending. If you are looking for an inspiring author biography, the internet is the perfect place to obtain complete information and even book the books and get it right at your doorstep.

I A Journey Of Emotions And Desires

Trending autobiography today

Autobiography always provides us some experience of life. Authors write an autobiography to let the readers know their life and challenges. The popular autobiography of Dr. Saket Sourav, “I A Journey of Emotions and Desires” is a perfect depiction of a born fighter who has not learned to give up.Dr. Saket Sourav is a popular orthopaedic surgeon treating hundreds of patients successfully every month. But his life was never smooth sailing in childhood and adolescents. His family was poor. His father’s earning was not enough to fulfill even the basic needs of the family, yet his parents made their children mentally strong and focused. The autobiography of Dr. Saket Sourav narrates how the doctor as a child had learned to face the challenges with a smile.

Books people love to read

Despite the rapid proliferation of the internet, people are learning lots of books. Every year, hundreds of books are published in every genre including fiction, non-fiction, biography, and autobiography. There are certain books get much attention from readers. These books start trending and selling in huge quantities. The best book author in India can be a fiction or non-fiction writer, or an autobiography writer like Dr. Saket Sourav. Readers get great interest in reading the books of new authors. People also like to follow what the trending writers of today have been writing. In this case, also, the internet becomes the most useful medium to follow an inspiring author.

The present trend of reading books is quite satisfying. New novels and inspiring author biography are publishing from different book fairs, top bookstores of the country, and online.

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