Dr Saket Sourav: Journey of an Orthopedic Surgeon to Become an Author

Life is an eventful journey. It’s full of ups and downs and obstacles. Only few among the millions come victorious. These are the people who are self-motivated high achievers.

They don’t live life as it comes. They argue. They fight. They win. They are the people who fearlessly discover, improve, explore and experiment about the things.

Life of Dr Saket Sourav is one of those emerging thought leaders whose journey inspires millions.   

Dr. Saket Sourav is an orthopedic surgeon author, posted in Central Coalfield Limited in Bermo, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. His life is an ultimate saga of struggle, persistence, patience and victory. He was born and brought into a humble family where arranging one time meal was a daunting task.

Such sufferings couldn’t deter Dr Sourav. He worked hard to excel in studies and achieve success in professional endeavors. In 36 years of age, he became an established orthopedic surgeon.

His incessant dedication to live life to its fullest helped him to come out of the sufferings and earn all name and fame he deserved.

The ups and downs he faced in the life inspired him to pen books. Books where he could share the experiences he had gone through all these years. He decided to share his journey with his readers and tell them some life advice that he learned.

In just a short span of time, Dr. Saket has penned five  books. All these books revolve around the youth, their aspirations, their dreams and their struggle.

The books Saket written are:

1: I, a Journey of emotions and desires: The book narrates a story about what inspires a teenager to reach his ambitions, to respect a girl when she comes in her life and to achieve mental peace and happiness at their own wish when they become part of race of living hood.  The book will be published by Bluerose Publishers.  Read here

2: Why I Loved: Published by Bluerose Publishers. Read here 

3: Why Love is full of tears:  This story is enveloped with an enormous amount of emotions which develop when someone feels special regarding her in his teenage and it ows in form of tears in both shades of feelings. The book is published by Notion Press. Read here

4: Yes, I Missed You: The book has been published by Notion Press. Read here  

5: Why you loved me? The book has been published by Notion Press. The book narrates what it feels when someone likes you with enormous emotions. Read here

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