Dr. Saket Sourav – An Inspirational Life who always accept Challenges

The life of Dr. Saket Sourav is a perfect example of “never give up”. Right from his childhood till now, whenever life has thrown some challenges to him, he has accepted it with focus, determination, and a positive attitude. His life is an inspiration for millions of youths of India who have given up or just floating with the wave. His autobiography “I…A Journey of Emotions and Desires” is a document of what a human can achieve if the aim is fixed and determination is unshakable.

A Successful Doctor who never Fears in Accepting Challenge

This successful orthopaedic surgeon had to treat his son for a rare problem in his leg since childhood. It was really challenging for the doctor because the patient was the most important individual of his life. But, with the right attitude and research, he treated his son and cured him completely. This is the nature of Dr. Saket Sourav. He never gives up nor loses hope. He tells the present generation to work hard with the correct aim and determination. He thinks that giving 100 percent effort is what important not the result. From his very childhood, he had learned to give 100 percent to his studies. That is why he is now a successful doctor.

Dr. Saket Sourav is a proud Orthopaedic Surgeon

According to Dr. Saket Sourav, no profession is as satisfying as the profession of a medical practitioner. He had to walk a long way fighting against all sorts of odds in life to become a doctor. Today, hundreds of patients get treatment from him every month which is indeed satisfying.

An Author with many Distinctive Features

Dr. Saket Sourav has been penning novels. He has already written his autobiography. He is an author with many distinctive features. He writes in easy language but he is very elaborate in narrating a story or situation. Being from a humble family and government school, his English was not so strong to write English novels. But, here again, he has shown that humans can do anything if they determine to do it. In the coming days, this author is going to win the heart of millions of book lovers across the globe.

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