Dr. Saket Sourav

Inspiring Author and an Orthopaedic surgeon

Dr. Saket Sourav is an orthopedic surgeon, posted in Central Coalfield Limited in Bermo, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. Having experienced all tastes of life, the author decided to share his journey with his readers in the hope of telling his story and at the same time dispense some life advice that he has learned.


I am devoting all my achievements to my younger brother. His name is ER SANKET SOURAV, 36 yrs old, he resides inside me, alive inside me. If anyone wants to meet him, had to go inside my eyes deeply.

Dr. Saket Sourav
My Achievements
  • Try to bring smile on as much possible patients of mine through my treatment and their smile is my achievement

  • My parents feel proud of me , is my achievement

  • Reached a status where I can think about life is my achievement

  • Able to help others is my achievement

  • Numerous gold medals in study for me is with me but I kept them in my box


After 15 yrs of age, did two things only Study and Struggle A few months back., when I felt jobless as all the things which I dreamed about got fulfilled., as my dream was not so big I decided to write regarding my journey, Just to keep it as a record for my coming generation., that how I get all these And also how it felt when you didn’t have any target to achieve Then I started self-realizations... Asked questions to myself... 1.Why this life is given to me and what to do to make it justified 2. How can I remain alive in thousands of hearts even when this physical body wouldn’t exist And when I summarise all these., I decided to get it published You asked my hobby..... To live my life to its fullest extent every second is my hobby
An insight into His Life